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Staying healthy is of utmost importance during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our team at Urgent Care + TeleHealth clinics in Napa and Benicia is proud to offer effective COVID-19 treatments. 

This new service allows us to treat you if you receive a positive Covid test result either from an at-home test kit or from a test processed at one of our clinics. Early treatment for a COVID-19 infection could shorten the duration of your illness, reduce the severity of your symptoms and help your body clear the virus in less time.

Starting treatment increases the chances that your illness will be mild and short. Taking a COVID-19 treatment may also help your body get rid of the virus faster so that you test negative sooner.
– Dr. Ian Ahwah, Emergency Medicine Physician

We do our best to make appointments quick and easy and also accept walk-ins.. To schedule an appointment, simply use our easy online scheduling app or call. Most of the time, there are short wait times which ensure that you can be seen as quickly as possible. 

If you’re not able to come into our clinic, you can take advantage of a convenient telehealth option which will let you talk to one of our healthcare professionals through a secure app. Our clinic accepts most insurance plans and also offers discounts for anyone using Debit, FSA or HSA cards to pay for their visit.

What Treatments Are Available for People Infected With COVID?

Paxlovid, is an antiviral which is available in both clinic. Paxlovid is also under emergency use authorization for people ages 12 and older with mild to moderate symptoms and who are at a high risk of complications from COVID-19. Pfizer, which is one of the COVID vaccine manufacturers, produces Paxlovid.

When Should COVID-19 Treatments Be Started?

If you’re at risk of becoming seriously ill from a COVID-19 infection, you should start a COVID-19 treatment as soon as possible. As soon as you have a positive test result, you should start taking a COVID-19 treatment. Waiting until you’re very sick could make COVID-19 treatment drugs less effective at preventing complications.

How Are COVID-19 Treatments Administered?

Paxlovid is an oral medication. You should start it within 2-3 days of a positive Covid test or 5 days after developing COVID-19 symptoms.

What Ages Are Appropriate for COVID-19 Treatments?

Paxlovid is authorized for use in children ages 12 and over and in adults. 

What Should I Do If I Think I Have COVID-19?

If you think you have COVID-19, the first thing to do is take an at-home Covid test. You can get free at-home test kits sent to you by the federal government. 

If you get a positive result on your at-home test kit or suspect a false negative result, we recommend a rapid Covid test here at one of our clinics. A NAAT/PCR test looks for the virus’s genetic material in your mucus and saliva and is more accurate than an at-home antigen test kit. We offer rapid NAAT/PCR testing at Urgent Care + TeleHealth by appointment and for walk-in patients.

When you have a positive NAAT/PCR test for COVID-19, we may recommend starting one of the available treatments. Starting treatment increases the chances that your illness will be mild and short. Taking a COVID-19 treatment may also help your body get rid of the virus faster so that you test negative sooner. Many workplaces and travel destinations require a negative test result to show that you can’t spread the illness to anyone else.

To learn more about COVID-19 treatments or to schedule a Covid test, contact us at Urgent Care + TeleHealth online or by phone.

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Great Doctor & Staff Very efficent and caring

Submitted 11/08/19


Dr Ahwah was very good! He listened to me and checked me thoroughly. I highly recommend him. I’m not sure though if he has other regular office other than Urgent Care, otherwise, I will have him as my PCP.

Submitted 12/02/18


Very quick! I showed up as a walk-in patient right when the Clinic opened. Spent maybe 15 minutes filling paperwork and dealing with insurance. Saw the doctor almost immediately, took him 5 seconds to determine my ailment, sent me off with 3 prescriptions. A couple days later I’m as good as new!

Submitted 10/30/18


Quick and efficient! Glad to know this option of a quick visit is so close to home and open on weekends

Submitted 10/21/18


I was treated promptly and keep kindly, when I came in after a bicycling accident. The medication that was prescribed is working. The glued wound continued to bleed at home, so I had to apply a large adhesive strip to stop bleeding on my clothing. I’m trending better. Thanks for your care.

Submitted 09/21/18


Very helpful staff in & out quickly . Highly recommend for urgent care .

Submitted 09/19/18


The doctor and whole team was awesome. My first time there and my first time to an urgent care facility. Good to know there is a convenient place in my neighborhood that I can get in and out quickly. A quick diagnosis, vitals, medical notes/info, and a prescription …and a CVS in the same mall for the pharmacy!

Submitted 08/21/18


The staff and doctor were all quite courteous and welcoming. I got a lot of information about my condition from the doctor, who was very thorough and had an excellent “bedside manner.”

Submitted 08/12/18


visit to your medical service was timely & well done

Submitted 07/31/18


Dr. Ian Ahwah was great! He knew exactly what was going on with my severe sore throat and prescribed me some meds that took care of the condition. Thank you Dr. Ahwah!

Submitted 07/30/18


Great workers very caring

Submitted 07/29/18


The facility was clean and bright, registration was quick and easy, and the wait time was short. I was treated with respect. The doctor communicated well regarding the medical issue and treatment.

Submitted 07/29/18


Very good experience. He listened well and was genuinely concerned. I would absolutely recommend to a friend!

Submitted 07/29/18


Dr. Ahwah is always patient and always listens. The staff there are great and very helpful.

Submitted 07/28/18