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Health & Wellness Services

Easy Prescription Refills

in Benicia, Napa and Sonoma

Presciption Refill Process

Schedule a Telehealth Visit

Get started from anywhere on your phone or computer. Or if you prefer, come on in to one of our clinics. No appointment is necessary. We accept most insurance plans and also give discounts for paying with cash, debit card, FSA or HSA.

Meet with Provider Online or In-Person

You’ll have a short visit to review your medical needs and prescription history. Your provider can answer questions and concerns.

Get your Prescription

We’ll transfer the prescription to your pharmacy of choice.

Who Can Benefit from Prescription Refills

  • Out of town on vacation.
  • Lost or misplaced prescription.
  • Need medication quickly – pickup at local pharmacy of choice.
  • Don’t have a regular doctor.
  • Use insurance or self-pay.
  • If need a diagnosis and treatment in one appointment.

If you need a quick and convenient prescription refill, we are here to help!  Urgent Care + TeleHealth in Benicia, Napa, Sonoma offers telehealth visits for prescription refills.  You can speak with a medical provider on your smartphone or computer and then get your prescription renewed after a short visit. Patients often tell us that they appreciate the convenience, the cost savings and the advice of our experienced providers.

You may request refills on existing medications or you can request new prescriptions for medications such as antibiotics or birth control. We also regularly provide refills for diabetes, antidepressants, blood pressure/hypertension, and men’s health. We are not able to provide refills for controlled substances such as painkillers without an in-person visit.  We will require proof of the controlled substance prescription.

We are pleased to accept most insurance plans including Kaiser. We also offer discounts for cash pay, debit cards, HSA and FSA payments.

Prescription Renewal FAQ

How do prescription refills work?

At Urgent Care + TeleHealth, our goal is to help our patients get their prescriptions quickly and easily. Refills require a short visit with a provider and the easiest way to get your prescription refilled is to schedule a telehealth video visit through our easy online scheduling app. The provider can refill your prescription or answer any questions you may have concerning your medications. Simply click on the schedule appointment button, then you’ll see the available times.  Our clinics are open 7 days a week and appointments are usually available with short notice.

What medications are typically prescribed?

We commonly provide refills for medications for birth control, men’s health/ED, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, antibiotics and many others. Moreover, you don’t have to wait 4-6 days for your refills to arrive in the mail. After your video visit, we’ll send the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice so you can pick it up right away.

We are unfortunately unable to provide refills for controlled substances via TeleHealth. We are also able to discuss any drug interactions, side effects your medications may have.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

For the quickest service, we ask that you schedule an easy online video visit. However, we also accept walk-in visits, so feel free to come into one of our clinics in Benicia, Napa and Sonoma if you’d prefer to meet with a provider. 

If you have a new condition, injury or illness, our providers are also happy to meet with you and provide care and treatment.

Do I need to first contact my primary care doctor before ordering a prescription refill at Urgent Care + TeleHealth?

No. While it is legally required to have a consultation with a doctor before you can receive your prescription medication, you don’t necessarily  need to contact your primary care doctor.  The providers at Urgent Care + TeleHealth can meet with you online, assess your situation and in most cases refill your prescription.  Once that’s complete, we’ll send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice and you can pick it up at your convenience.

How Long Does a prescription telehealth visit take?

The visit typically takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Are there some medications that are not eligible for refill?

We are unable to prescribe controlled substances or narcotics as refills, these require an in person visit. Moreover, we will need the patient to provide proof of their prescription.

Can I get medical advice in addition to the refill?

Absolutely!  Unlike some online pharmacy services that only provide prescription refills, Urgent Care + TeleHealth are full-service urgent care clinics managed by an emergency medicine physician with over 25 years experience.  We are proud to offer a range of health and wellness services including x-ray, Pre-employment/ Sports/ Wellness Physicals, diabetes wound care as well as innovative treatments like skin Cryosurgery, Allergy testing and IV vitamin therapy.

Why Choose Urgent Care + TeleHealth

With locations in Solano County, Napa County and Sonoma County (coming soon), plus convenient telehealth options, Urgent Care + TeleHealth is ready to help you when you need a prescription refill.

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Friendly and efficient staff! Made an appointment the night before, easy process. Good location too.

I was greeted promptly and taken back in a timely manner. Both the assistant and the PA were friendly and professional. I’m very happy with the care I received.

Really nice people there and very professional services. I highly recommend!

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