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Mole Removal, Wart Removal and Skin Cryosurgery

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Get Your Annual Skin Checkup and Treatment in One Visit

According to the skin cancer foundation, 1 in 5 people will develop skin cancer before age 70. While that sounds scary, the good news is that with regular exams and easy treatment, the danger can be reduced significantly. In fact the skin cancer institute says that the five year survival rate for melanoma when detected early is 99%.

So what’s stopping you from getting those moles or skin growths looked at in your annual skin checkup? Many of us have a difficult time getting appointments with a dermatologist or skin care specialist.  Even if we do get an appointment, we may have trouble getting time off from work.

That’s where Urgent Care + TeleHealth can help.  Unlike some Urgent Care clinics, our services extend beyond emergencies. If you live near one of our clinics in Napa County or Solano County we invite you to come visit us to supplement your health care services.

In addition to urgent care, we offer many preventative care and wellness services including physicals, sports medicine, allergy testing and treatment, travel vaccines, IV vitamin infusions and arthritis care.  We are also a full-service occupational medicine clinic that treats workplace injuries.

Quick and Efficient Skin Treatment

  • We offer easy online appointments and weekend hours.
  • We generally have short wait times which allow you to fit in an appointment during your lunch break or after work.
  • We also accept walk-ins. 
  • Clinics are managed by a local emergency medicine doctor who has 25 years of clinical experience.
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Questions and Answers about Mole Removal and Cryosurgery

Why Should I Visit Urgent Care + TeleHealth for Skin Issues?

Looking for mole removal near me? If so, individuals living in Napa, Sonoma and Solano counties can benefit from the services Urgent Care + TeleHealth offers to treat their skin issues. The treatment offered is all supervised and managed by our managing physician, Dr Ian Ahwah, who has more than 25 years of experience in the field of emergency medicine.

We also ensure short wait times and ease of access since our clinics are both close to the freeway. The Cryosurgery offered at Urgent Care + TeleHealth is covered by some insurance plans. However, if your insurance plan does not cover Cryosurgery, we also offer package deals and discounts for our patients who are paying without coverage. This is also true for the patients who use their HSA/ FSA Debit cards for copayment.

How is Cryosurgery Used for Skin Care?

After being first introduced in the 1800s, Cryosurgery has become an important procedure in the field of dermatology today. It is considered a useful alternative to more invasive procedures and is popular due to its quick delivery and outpatient setup. In addition, the non-invasive approach in Cryosurgery has the additional benefit of lesser scarring and superior cosmetic results.

This procedure is conducted using cryogen-like liquid nitrogen, which is used to target the dermatological lesions and cool the tissues to subzero temperatures. Unfortunately, this intense cooling leads to tissue damage via two main mechanisms.

The first mechanism for tissue damage is the induction of ischemia due to the damage to the capillaries and blood supply of the affected area. This cut-off of blood supply leads to tissue ischemia and eventually necrosis of the tissue. The second mechanism through which cell damage occurs involves the disruption of the cell membrane – leading to osmotic injury to the cells. The osmotic injury I caused by the intake of water during the thawing process, which causes the cells to swell up and burst. (1) (2) (3)

The Technique

To understand in more detail how exactly Cryosurgery is able to treat several skin lesions, the procedure may be divided on the basis of the malignancy of the lesion. The benign lesions can often be successfully treated with only one freeze-thaw cycle, keeping the target temperature of -25 degrees Celsius for benign skin tumors and -5 degrees Celsius for pigmented lesions of the skin. In contrast to benign lesions, malignant lesions usually require at least 2-3 cycles, which is a much lower temperature. The target temperature for malignant lesions is usually set at -50 degrees Celsius – which may be achieved in between 40 to 90 seconds. (4)

How Often Should You Check For Skin Issues?

It is essential to get skin issues checked frequently, because a regular checkup ensures early detection and successful treatment of lesions. In addition, routine skin care may lead to better cosmetic results. According to The American Cancer Society, individuals who are between the ages of 20 and 40 years are recommended to get their skin issues professionally checked every three years. This is particularly recommended to individuals who live in sunny environments. Moreover, individuals above 40 years of age are recommended to get their skin professionally examined yearly. (5)

What are the possible Complications and Contraindications of Cryosurgery?

Cryosurgery is considered a highly safe procedure and leads to excellent results in the majority of cases. However, individuals with skin cancers or abnormal behavior are often contraindicated from opting for a cryosurgery procedure. Moreover, in rare cases, the complications of Cryosurgery may include alopecia, scarring and depigmentation.

Is Cryosurgery Painful?

Cryosurgery is generally considered a painless procedure. However, some individuals may experience pain lasting from a few seconds to a minute during and soon after the cryosurgery process.. This pain may be followed by slight erythema, edema and vesicle formation at the treated sites for a few days. (6)

When Should You Visit Urgent Care + TeleHealth For Cryosurgery?

You may benefit by visiting Urgent Care + TeleHealth if you want to get your benign, pre-malignant(Actinic keratosis)  and malignant skin lesions treated without invasive procedures. The benign lesions which may be treated effectively by Crysurgery at Urgent Care + TeleHealth include Skin tags, Warts, solar lentigo, Seborrheic keratosis, Keloid scars, Granulomas,  and Molluscum contagiosum. The majority of the benign lesions can be treated with one round of Cryosurgery, but lesions which are larger in size may require repeated cycles.

The pre-malignant lesions which are commonly treated at Urgent Care + TeleHealth through Cryosurgery include basal cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis.

How is Cryosurgery Conducted At Urgent Care + TeleHealth For Skin Issues?

Cryosurgery is conducted at Urgent Care + TeleHealth by using the Cryonize product. Cryonize is a type of Cryosurgery that uses a handheld canister of aerosol. The aerosols produced by this system can freeze a lesion down to -70 degrees Celsius and can be conducted in an outpatient setup. This makes it a quick procedure and does not require you to undergo hours of waiting and paperwork for admission before the procedure. It is now considered one of the most effective alternatives to conventional liquid nitrogen systems.

The Cryonize can treat 21 common forms of benign skin lesions, including common warts, plantar warts, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, skin tags, and molluscum Contagiosum.

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