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As many as one out of six Americans suffer from allergies. Some people have mild allergies that only bother them once in a while or a few weeks out of the year, while others deal with year-round allergies to just about everything. In the Napa Valley and the Bay Area, budding trees, blooming flowers, and a vibrant cover of fresh green grass, while  beautiful, unfortunately, can lead to sneezing and suffering to those affected by seasonal allergies.

Allergy symptoms range from annoying to debilitating. At Urgent Care + TeleHealth, we are pleased to be able to offer comprehensive allergy testing that checks for 72 allergens. If you’ve noticed allergy symptoms and aren’t sure what you’re allergic to, our healthcare professionals at Urgent Care + TeleHealth offer prompt allergy testing for the most common types of allergies.


Benefits of Using Urgent Care + TeleHealth for Allergy Testing

  • Same Day Appointments: During allergy season it’s difficult to get an appointment with an allergist. These specialists might be booked for months. At Urgent Care + TeleHealth, we often have same-day or next-day appointments at both of our clinic locations in Napa, Sonoma and Benicia. 
  • Insurance Coverage: Many health insurance plans cover allergy testing and we accept most plans. Please check with your insurer prior to making an appointment for testing. 
  • Cash-pay discount: If you are not covered through insurance, we do provide discounts for cash-pay patients who use FSA, HSA, or Debit cards.
  • Quick Results: We provide your allergy test results quickly. Most of the time, your results are ready within 1 hour. If your test shows that you have environmental or seasonal allergies, our doctors can suggest treatment options  for you.
  • Easy Treatment: Allergy treatment is provided through drops, not shots. These drops can be taken in the comfort of your home over the course of several months, so you don’t need to return to the clinic each week.

Allergy Testing and Treatment Q & A

What causes allergies?

There are two stages of developing an allergy. The first stage is exposure. After exposure to an allergen, such as cat dander, your body makes IgE antibodies to these antigens. These antibodies attach to certain blood cells. This causes sensitization. The next time you get exposed to the allergen, your body responds by releasing histamines. These chemicals cause itching, redness, swelling, and possible trouble breathing and shock. Some people have a family history of allergies. This genetic predisposition is common for certain types of allergies, such as dog dander or bee venom.

Why Is Allergy Testing Needed?

Allergy testing helps you and your doctor choose the best treatment for your symptoms. Your customized treatment plan might include avoiding allergens, taking antihistamines or other allergy medications, or taking sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). These therapies are tailored to your specific allergen.

Sublingual immunotherapy is medication in the form of drops that are placed under your tongue each day at home. You might be familiar with an older form of allergy shots that required weekly appointments with a care provider. But at Urgent Care + TeleHealth, the drop therapy means that no weekly appointments are required, and no doctor supervision is needed during your treatment. Sublingual immunotherapy is also a perfect option for children and it has been shown to be safe and effective.

What Do Allergy Tests Diagnose?

Allergy tests diagnose many types of allergies, including allergies to dust mites, ragweed, animal danders, etc.. They can also be used to diagnose food allergies. Some other conditions diagnosed through allergy testing include hay fever, eczema, allergic asthma, and allergies to antibiotics.

90% of food allergies are caused by foods such as eggs, milk, shellfish, nuts, wheat and soybeans.

Who Should Get Allergy Testing?

Allergy testing is safe for almost everyone aged three years and older. Rarely, a doctor might recommend against allergy testing. If you’ve ever had anaphylaxis, your doctor might tell you to avoid allergy tests. Some medications interfere with test results, and it may be better for you to continue taking your medicine than to have skin allergy testing done. Your doctor might recommend a different type of allergy testing instead, such as testing a sample of your blood. If you have severe psoriasis or eczema on your arms or back, you may be ineligible for skin allergy testing. We recommend postponing allergy testing if you’re pregnant. If you’re a few weeks pregnant and don’t yet realize it, allergy testing won’t harm you or your growing baby.

Do I Have to Stop Taking Allergy Medicine Before Allergy Testing?

If you’ve been using antihistamines, asthma inhalers, steroids, beta blockers or other allergy medications, we recommend stopping the medicine two days before your appointment with us. This ensures that you’ll get accurate test results. You can bring your allergy medicine to your appointment and take it after the test is over. Many of our patients bring a fast-acting antihistamine to reduce any itching they experience after the testing.

What Should I Expect During Allergy Testing?

Allergy testing takes about one hour. During your appointment, you’ll remove your shirt. The healthcare professionals at Urgent Care + TeleHealth use a sterile tool to make light scratches at specific intervals on your back or arm. The scratches contain a tiny amount of antigens that may trigger an allergic reaction. Within 15 minutes of applying the scratches, your immune system will respond if it has been sensitized to that substance. You may feel itchy or warm during the test. Once we’re finished, we may give you an oral antihistamine if needed for itching.

What Allergens Will I Be Tested for?

We test for allergies to pollen, mold, dust mites, dander, and foods. 

When Can I Start Allergy Treatment?

You can start allergy treatment on the same day as allergy testing. Your treatment plan might start with avoidance of named allergen, prescription for: antihistamines, leukotriene inhibitors, steroids, and may progress to immunotherapy if the first few options are unsuccessful. Some people choose to start immunotherapy for long-term allergy relief after first trying conventional methods.

For more information about allergy testing or to schedule an appointment with Urgent Care + TeleHealth, contact us today.

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Very quick! I showed up as a walk-in patient right when the Clinic opened. Spent maybe 15 minutes filling paperwork and dealing with insurance. Saw the doctor almost immediately, took him 5 seconds to determine my ailment, sent me off with 3 prescriptions. A couple days later I’m as good as new!

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